Edís Burlesque Photo Gallery


I have photographed a number of Burlesque and Variety performances over the past few years, working primarily with digital equipment and by available light. I will be adding sections to this gallery periodically as I edit my work from various events. For a start, Iíve mounted images from


The New York Burlesque Festival 


The Brooklyn Burlesque Blitz - 2007


Burlesque at the Beach


Exotic World Weekend 2007


Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2009


The Great Boston Burlesque Exposition - 2007


Tease-O-Rama 2005, 2007


Toronto Burlesque Festival 2008 & 2009


More to follow (sometime)!


NOTE to PERFORMERS: I have tried to caption the photos as accurately as possible based on my notes.  Please advise me of any errors so that I can correct them.  Note also that I have posted a fraction of the images from the various events I photograph; contact me if you would like to see other images of your performance.


Photos Copyright © Ed Barnas. All rights reserved.


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