Ed Barnas Photography 


Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2009 

At the Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas

June 4-7, 2009


Opening Bash


Titans of Tease Burlesque Reunion


Best of Burlesque Pageant


Closing Gala



CAVEAT: These albums contain images from a Burlesque event (i.e., adult entertainment).  While most performers do not show much more than can be seen on a public beach in the summer, some do show more. If you are offended by such images or are under the age of twenty one, donít follow the links! . Note that these photos were taken under available light and are subject to the vagaries of colored gels, performer/photographer motion, and audience membersí heads and elbows.


NOTE to PERFORMERS: I have tried to caption the photos as accurately as possible based on the program and my notes.  Please advise me of any errors so that I can fix them.  Note also that I have only posted a fraction of the images from the weekend; contact me regarding availability other images from this show.


All Photos Copyright © Ed Barnas.


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