Exotic World Weekend 2007

Photos by Ed Barnas

June 8-10, 2007, Las Vegas


The Burlesque Hall of Fame, formerly the Exotic World Museum, is still in a state of transition from the goat farm in Helendale to Las Vegas. However, that did not stop the many volunteers involved with the museum from putting on their second Exotic World Weekend in Las Vegas.I missed the Thursday night meet & greet this year but thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the weekend.

Friday night featured the 50th Annual Striptease Reunion Ė an evening of performances and interviews with a host of Legendary performers (as well as several tributes from the Stars of today).

Saturday night opened with a grand procession and a mayoral proclamation but the main activity was to the Miss Exotic World Burlesque Pageant 2007 with a multitude of performers competing for the honor of Best Debut, Best Duo, Best Boylesque, Best Troupe, and, of course, Miss Exotic World 2007 (and some performances by last yearís winners). After all the performances were done (without an intermission), the winners were announced.

Sunday featured the Legends Panel in the Burlesque Bazaar and closed with an Evening Gala and Poolside Dance Party by the rooftop pool at Binionís (by which time I had retired my camera and jumped into the pool).

NOTE to PERFORMERS: Scroll down on the large images to see the complete image and view the captions. I have tried to caption the photos as accurately as possible based on the program and my notes.  Please advise me of any errors so that I can correct them.  Note also that I have posted only a fraction of the images from the weekend; contact me if you would like to see other images of your performance.

All Photos Copyright by Ed Barnas.

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