The HOWL Festival 2004


The East Village has undergone many transformations over the years.  It has been home to immigrants, writers, artists, radicals, and other assorted folk seeking an affordable place to live in New York City. Celebrating the various arts that find a home in the East Village, the Federation of East Village Artists ( produced the first HOWL! Festival of East Village Arts and the event is now an annual affair.  In 2004 the activities stretched over eight days, seventy venues and involved 1500 artists in 440 events. With the Republicans coming to town shortly afterward, there was more than the usual amount of political flavor to the events. You can check out for details of the events.

I was only able to get down to the Village for part of festivities on Saturday, August 21st. Unfortunately, the day dawned cloudy and it rained off and on the entire day, interrupting some of the performances with unscheduled intermissions when the sound systems for damp. I managed to photograph part of the St Marks Pantheon Processional through Tompkins Square Park and then the Way the F**k Off Broadway event at the stage in the Square.


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