The Coney Island Mermaid Parade


For over twenty years Coney Island has been the scene in June of the annual Mermaid Parade - a fantastical communal outpouring of Mermaids, Neptunes and other assorted ocean dwellers. I've been going since 2001. The first two years I've gone were sunny and blisteringly hot (the fire trucks sprayed the crowds to help keep us cool). In 2003 it was pouring rain - but what does that matter to denizens of the deep? I got soaked on the Boardwalk but kept my camera dry enough to catch the feel of the event and scan a selection of photos from the 2003 parade.

In 2004 the rains came the night before the parade and the day was a mix of sun and clouds perfect weather for the crowd and the marchers on display.  Moby & Theo ruled as King Neptune and Queen Mermaid. Here is a sampling of photos from the 2004 parade.

For 2005 the weather was sunny again with King David Johansen (AKA Buster Poindexter) and Queen Karmen Guy (of Mad Juana).  Here are some images from the setup area and the 2005 parade as well as a few from the 2005 Mermaid Ball.

In 2006 it drizzled a bit during the parade but the heavy rains held off until the fruit was tossed into the ocean and the beach was officially opened of the season. Bambi the Mermaid was out Queen this year and Abel Ferrara was out King Neptune with Little Jimmy appearing as Lucky Diamond Bill Jr. Ive mounted some photos from the staging area by the Cyclone, along the Boardwalk, a few from Surf Avenue, and a some from the Beach opening.

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