Halloween in New Orleans


I was introduced to Halloween in New Orleans by friends in 1998 and fell in love with it. I have managed to spend some time around Halloween in the French Quarter almost every year since then. Aside from the usual attractions of the city - the music, the food, and the French Quarter in particular - All Hallows' Eve has it's own special appeal. From the annual parade from Molly's by the Market to the creativity and wide variety of costumes on display on Bourbon Street, it may be crowded but it is on a human scale.


In 2004 we got into town late on Halloween so I missed the start of Molly’s Parade but caught the crowd on their way back before I went out to Bourbon Street to check the scene there. In addition there are galleries of folks waiting, marching, and watching the 2003 edition of Molly's Halloween Parade and the scenery on Bourbon Street as well as galleries from 2000 and 2001.


Unfortunately, Katrina and Rita precluded our annual trip to New Orleans in 2005 (but check out the New York Festivities.  However, we made it back in 2006 to enjoy the crowds in the French Quarter as well as Molly’s Annual Halloween Parade.


Other albums uploaded cover the Krewe of Boo Parade and costumed revelry on Bourbon in 2009 , revelry on Decatur, Bourbon, & Frenchmen’s in 2010 ,  and the Saturday night before Halloween along with Molly’s Parade and costumed revelry on Halloween night 2012.




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