On Demand Virtual Shows

from the New York Burlesque Scene


Links to archived copies of recent virtual shows



Cooking with Calamity on Vimeo (@calamitychang)

·      The Burlesque Edition!, April 3, 2020

·      The (mostly) Canadian Episode 2, April 26, 2020


D20 Burlesque (@d20burlesque)

·      Live in Your Home!, April 24, 2020


Fire & Fury Burlesque on Vimeo (@fireandfuryburlesque)

·       Home Is Where the Hearth Is, March 18,2020

·      Buelesque and Chill, March 28, 2020

·      Burlesque and Chill II: Chill Harder, April 3, 2020

·      Burlesque & Chill 3: Chill Hard with a Vengeance, April 10, 2020

·      A Flurry of Fury, April 23, 2020


Green Fairy Society

·      At the Red Room, April 2, 2020


Let Them Eat Cake, an aerial extravangaza (@ltecakenyc) on YouTube

·      Homemade Cake! The Virtual Edition, March 31, 2020

·      Quarantini, April 3, 2020

·      Let ME Owt, April 9, 2020

·      Spring Cleaning, April 16, 2020

·      Space Cake 420 Edition. April 23, 2020


Naughty Noir Burlesque

·      Hanky Panky Virtual Show, April 9, 2020


Quarantine Cabaret (@quarantine.cabaret) hosted by Michelle L’amour (@michellelamour) – check website for episode list & detials


The Slipper Room (@slipperroomnyc)

·      The Wiggle Room in Exile April 16, 2020



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This list is far from complete and is subject to change. I try to update this listing at the start of the week so please message me (via e-mail, FB or IG) of other shows or updates at least a week in advance. 



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Updated 26 April 2020