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A brief listing of regular burlesque shows and somewhat related cabaret, circus, variety and vaudeville events in the New York area of which I am aware (locations in Manhattan unless otherwise noted).  Click on a day of the week to bring up a listing of upcoming events for that day.








REMEMBER: This list is far from complete and is subject to change as schedules and venues may suddenly change. Check any links beforehand for last minute schedule changes and ticket/cover charges. (Note that many of these events are also listed on FaceBook.) I try to update this listing at the start of the week so let me know via e-mail of other shows or updates at least a week in advance. 




Events to note:


·      Company XIV has premiered a new work – Seven Sins -  at their bespoke space in Bushwick.


·      A Funhouse Philosophers Production, the rock opera Bloody Brains in a Jukebox runs weekends at Coney Island USA weekends in March.


·      The Noire Pageant  comes to the House of Yes with the King Showcase on March 13 and the Queen Showcase  on March 14.


·      Coney Island USA 2020 Spring Gala on March 28th at The New York Aquarium at 7:30.


·      The  6th International Nerdlesque Festival comes to Coney Island USA  April 3-5.






There are a large number of annual burlesque related events in New York worth noting: Burlesque at the Beach; the Coney Island Mermaid Parade (June), the Nerdlesque Festival and, of course, the New York Burlesque Festival.  Aside from the big national events such as the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas, there are a growing number of regional multiday festivals in the US and Canada. Check out the Burlesque Festivals Information spreadsheet created by RiRI SynCyr and now maintained by the BurlyCon crew for a listing.





Interested in learning the art of Burlesque in New York? Professor Jo "Boobs" Weldon operates the New York School of Burlesque  - check the website for details of the various classes offered. Or drop by your favorite bookstore and pick up a copy of The Burlesque Handbook by Jo Weldon. In addition, various troupes also offer workshops.  


Need more info?


Want more? Don’t forget to check out websites of performers and troupes for their current schedules. On FaceBook?check out  NYC Burlesque Shows and related arts  for the latest show notices by NYC area performers. There is also the The Third Tassel . Traveling out of NYC? Check out BurlesqueBeat for info on shows in various cities. There are also some city-specific listings such as Maxwell Wood’s blog which covers San Francisco area shows.



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Created January 2005; Updated 24 February 2020