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Performance in the Time of a Novel Corona Virus



My listing of “live, in person” burlesque and related cabaret, circus, variety and vaudeville events in the New York area has gone dark until further notice due to the closure of many venues during the current crisis. However, a number of individual performers as well as troupes have gone online to offer virtual performances and complete shows (albeit from multiple locations in some cases) on various platforms (Vimeo, Instagram, Zoom, etc.).  I will attempt to list those I am aware of originating from the NYC scene.  Many of these platforms allow access after the initial event and I will list what “on demand” links I can find. 


Upcoming Virtual Burlesque from NYC


On Demand Archived Burlesque Shows


Make sure you have activated one (or more) of the online payment apps beforehand (PayPal, Venmo, etc.) so that you can tip appropriately.  Also, be sure to check out the social media presence/websites of your favorite performers and groups to see what they are planning in this time of uncertainty.


This list is far from complete and is subject to change as schedules can change and technical issues may crop up. Check any links beforehand for last minute schedule changes and ticket/cover charges. I try to update this listing at the start of the week so please message me (via e-mail, FB or IG) with info or updates about shows at least a week in advance. 


MEANWHILE, the recently released documentary about the NYC neo-burlesque scene, Obscene Beauty, is available on various streaming services. Might be time to catch up on other documentaries as well.


This too shall pass.



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Created January 2005; Updated 31 March 2020