Brooklyn Ed’s Burlesque Festival Calendar


A brief listing of upcoming burlesque festivals and events of note in the US and Canada.

Note that I have tried to limit this listing to multi-day events. Please advise me of any needed corrections or additions.


Be sure to also check out the Burlesque Festival Information Google spreadsheet. Originally created by Ri RI SynCyr, it is now maintained by the BurlyCon team and continues to include a lot of information on the events listed.  Many thanks are due to Ri Ri for maintaining the spreadsheet for six long years!






Vermont Burlesque Festival (Burlington & Barre City, Jan. 19-21)


Great Boston Burlesque Exposition (Cambridge, Feb. 10-12)


Southwest Burlesque Showcase (Albuquerque, NM, Feb. TBA)


 The Houston Burlesque Festival (March 10-11)


Freezing Tassel Burlesque Festival (Anchorage, AK, March 10-11)


Vancouver International Burlesque Festival (March 31-April 1)


Texas Burlesque Festival (Austin, April 6-8)


The Philadelphia Burlesque Festival (April 6-9 19-22)


NYC Nerdlesque Festival (April 28-30) – NOTE date changed


Viva Las Vegas (Las Vegas, April 13-16)


Bagel Burlesque Expo (Montreal, April 21-23)


Seattle Boylesque Festival (April 21-2)


Florida Burlesque Festival (Ft. Lauderdale, April TBA)


Kansas City Burlesque Festival (May 4-6)


Show-Me Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival  (St. Louis, May 18-20)


Burlesque at the Beach (Coney Island, NYC, May thru Sept)


Americana Burlesque & Sideshow Festival (Asheville, NC, May 26-28)


Hollywood Burlesque Festival (May 26-29)


Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend (Orleans, Las Vegas, June 1-4)


New York Boylesque Festival (June 10-11)


 Mermaid Parade (Coney Island, NYC, June 17, Saturday after the solstice)


Snake Oil Festival (New Orleans, June 15-16)


Windy City Burlesque Fest/Chicago Burlesque Festival (Chicago, June TBA)


Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival (June 16-17)


HRW Wiggle Room Burlesque Showcase & Pageant (Winston-Salem, June 30-July 3)


Colorado Burlesque Festival (Denver, July 13-16)


Toronto Burlesque Festival (July 20-23)


Fierce! International Queer Burlesque Festival (Pittsburgh, PA, July 20-23)


Ohio Burlesque Festival (Cleveland, Aug 3-5)


Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival (Jim Thorpe, Aug. TBA)


Alterna-TEASE (Boston, Aug. TBA)


ABurlyQ Burlesque & Sideshow Spectacular (Alburqueque, NM, Aug. TBA)


Hawaii Burlesque Festival & Revue (Honolulu, HI, Sept. TBA)


Ottawa Burlesque Festival (Sept. TBA)


New Orleans Burlesque Festival (Sept. 15-18)


The Roux, a Spicy Brown Burlesque Festival (New Orleans, Sept. TBA)


 New York Burlesque Festival (Sept. 21-24)


Las Vegas Burlesque Festival (Fall 2017 TBA)


Minneapolis Burlesque Festival (Oct. 6-9)


Montreal Burlesque Festival (Oct. 19-21)


BurlyCon (Seattle, Nov. 9-12)


NOLA Nerdlesque Festival (New Orleans, Nov. TBA)


Great Southern Exposure Burlesque & Variety Pageant (Charlotte, NC, Dec. 1-2)



TBA indicates that the website has not been updated for 2017;

the month of the last event was used as a placeholder



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Updated 30 January 2016